Lunch special that was truly … special

I wasn’t looking for a fine culinary experience. I came to the restaurant mainly to satisfy my hunger. Conditoned to look for value in every purchase I make, my eyes were naturally drawn to lunch specials section on the menu. With my order of rice, kimchi, and beef soup placed in front of me, I dutifully lifted up my spoon and tried to go through the motions. But, something about my lunch looked different today. Imbued with transcendent qualities, one bite was enough block out the murmur of the restaurant and transport me to a happy and wholesome place. Locked in and shielded from the outside world, I began to slow down and savor the flavors by deploying all five senses. These are flavors that connect me to the innocence of my childhood and touch upon the very essence of who I am. I don’t know of any art form that has moved me so deeply and effortlessly as if opening up a backdoor to Nirvana.

If I’m unfortunate enough to be on death row, this humble food is definitely what I would request to be my last meal on earth.