Rothenberg, Germany’s finest medieval town.

Rothenberg is a charming medieval town  that survives largely intact (even the World War II bombings) and thrives into the 21st century.  It’s probably one of the cutest town that we have ever stepped into. But at times, its highly curated appearance has an uncanny resemblance of a theme park. Unfortunately a big contingent of tourists roaming every alley of this little town doesn’t help the cause. But I also get the sense that Rothenberg is a real functioning town as we interacted with the locals and toured the neighborhoods.  We had a joyous time walking on top of the medieval wall that encircled the town. It provided many scenic views of the town.  Another highlight of the day was our visit to the crime and punishment museum where we could see various medieval objects of torture and punishment, some of which were horrifying while others were amusing. We capped our day with dinner at a local restaurant and had our first taste of German food ( handmade pasta) and beer (tucher) which I have grown to love.
I can’t think of a better introduction to Germany than what we experienced in Rothenberg.

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