Salzburg!, a storybook town

Saltzburg is an elegant city located in one of the most scenic areas of the Alps, a perfect backdrop for a classic romanticized storybook.
The city is also well known as the birthplace of Mozart and the host city of famed movie, Sound of Music.  As we strolled various alleys of the city,  we could almost hear the cacophony of Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante mixed with Do Re Mi of the Von Trapp choir.
Of course, before the trip, we had primed ourselves with heavy doses of Mozart’s music and watched several rounds of the 3-hour-long Sound of Music. Nevertheless, It was quite exhilarating to retrace their footsteps and anticipate them to be with us in our time and place. In fact, just being in this town gave me a sense of stumbling into a bubble where I get pulled into an illustration from my favorite dog-eared fairy tale books.

Mozart’s house of birth and youth