Cancun in November!

With all the drudgery of flying behind us, it was quite shocking to step into the hot tropics and jump into aqua water in November!
Had to walk around for a mile or two in search of ATM machine to get some cash to pay for lunch at a restaurant. The ATM machine was broken and I was getting grumpy walking around in Summer-like heat but also fascinated to be surrounded by all the vivid colors of the flora. The restaurant owner was gracious and trusting enough to let us come back and pay the next day.

Day of the Dead in Cancun

Caught a local bus to downtown Cancun  to go to the day of the dead event.  It’s a unique cultural event for celebrating the lives of deceased members of the families and friends by welcoming their spirits back to earth. The bus ride itself was entertaining as we passed through all the glitz (both glamorous and tacky) of this built up resort town. But what I enjoyed most was the enticing summer breeze blowing in through the open windows of the bus.  The event was full of people with a variety of skull makeups and outfits,  many of whom had set up alters for their deceased family members and were busy cooking and serving food.
We were just speechless and totally absorbed with the people watching. The timing of our trip worked out perfectly and we were so fortunate to participate in this event and immerse ourselves in this unique tradition.