Looking back and forward

I hear the usual chattering of my kids echoing out of the bedroom, breaking the weekend morning calm. It’s truly a welcome sound, reassuring of their good mental and physical health. The house is fully awaken now with their footsteps and the clanking at the breakfast table, followed by my wife asking me if I want fig, cherry or blackberries. Before I get caught up in the hustle and bustle, I managed to fit in a moment of gratitude and hope for the new year. And I patted myself for being a multitasker.

Dreaded F word

For first time in my kid’s 7 years of life, the dreaded F word came out of his mouth at the dinner table. 

A dead silence  ensued. 

I was at least relieved to  know that he didn’t know what it meant.  As I was trying to figure out how to deal with it, I recall my own experience  with it when I was a teenager in a foreign country struggling to learn English. 

It was one of very first words that I acquired while trying to mimic and fit in.  I can still remember the impact of that word on people’s faces as I uttered casually. They expressed shock and confusion,  but eventually  smiled and forgave me.

It has come a full circle; now it’s my turn to smile and forgive as my kid gets bigger and inevitably acquire more choice words.