Looking back and forward

I hear the usual chattering of my kids echoing out of the bedroom, breaking the weekend morning calm. It’s truly a welcome sound, reassuring of their good mental and physical health. The house is fully awaken now with their footsteps and the clanking at the breakfast table, followed by my wife asking me if I want fig, cherry or blackberries. Before I get caught up in the hustle and bustle, I managed to fit in a moment of gratitude and hope for the new year. And I patted myself for being a multitasker.

Gearing up for the Family Road Trip

Loading up the van trying to remember everything from dog food, toilet paper,  tooth brushes, swimming suits, phone chargers, snacks, to camping gear. Wife says “Did you check the engine oil and the tire air pressure?”

Getting the house ready for vacancy : thermostat,  watering the plants, paying bills, trash out, lights off,  security lights on,…

And finally pulling out of the driveway,
Wife says “Honey, did you turn the oven off?”

Family huddles and shouts out “Let’s have a great trip!”
Barely 15 minutes into the trip,  one of the kids  says  “Could you stop? I have to go potty.”